Sandra Arévalo Garcia

Research Associate

Dr. Arevalo is a research associate with a PhD in Sociology, and extensive research expertise in health disparities, stress-health associations, and bio-psycho-social and cultural models of health and chronic disease risk. Her research to date has investigated the social epidemiology of mental health, substance abuse, and physical health within socially disadvantaged and underserved populations with a focus on development and evaluation of structural-level (e.g., cultural, social, economic, environmental contexts) public health interventions. Dr. Averalo’s background is interdisciplinary, and includes a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Boston, a MA and PhD in Sociology from Northeastern University, and postdoctoral training in Nutritional Epidemiology in the NHLBI Center for Population Health and Health Disparities at the Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences Department at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.